Professional recruitment for recruiting agencies powered by heroes e-recruiting

Munich, 08.09.2011 –  To support their professional talent management, Wackler Personal-Service GmbH decided to use a recruiting software, which is individually customizable and scalable in various ways besides the main aspect of getting an enormous benefit concerning time, effort and costs. Their first choice: heroes e-recruiting talent management software.

The web-based heroes e-recruiting software was able to convince our client by modern technology,  usability, and flexible customization capabilities to meet individual needs. Permanent product innovations  furthermore ensure to be ready for future needs in the applicant tracking market. The versatile functionalities of the heroes e-recruiting software help recruiters during the whole recruiting process by mapping the entire workflow, beginning with the first staffing request to the final step, the employment of an applicant. With a few clicks, job advertisements can be posted on company websites, online job boards, social media channels and even print media. All incoming applications (email, mail or online applications) are managed in a centralized system and are answered by automatic or individual correspondences. A steady growing pool of talents  and interesting candidates is the basis of successful research for existing potential in various ways (e.g. by matching, tagging, free text search or ABC-categorization).

heroes e-recruiting additionally allows individual analysis of key data and figures on all recruiting measures.

Wackler-Personal-Service GmbH relies on heroes e-recruiting because of its experience with renowned clients in different industries such as the MAN group, ARAG insurance, AREVA NP and more than 650,000 successful processed applications a year.

About Wackler Personal-Service GmbH

The Chemnitz-based Wackler Personal-Service GmbH is a subsidiary of Wackler Holding SE headquartered in Munich. Wackler Service Group offers professional building services with a comprehensive portfolio of services such as building management, security services, and personnel services.

After the introduction of heroes e-recruiting as Wackler Personal-Service GmbH’s talent management system, all vacant positions of Wackler Holding SE and of all its subsidiaries will be processed by the new heroes system.

8. September. 2011